Mysterious Moon Object

UPDATE: Debunked to my satisfaction at MetaBunk. There are lots of similar dots on the moon if you do the same zooming. And I reckon the originator of this meme knew that as well!

it seems these sharpening filters have created some noise along the boundaries between light and dark regions, and that is what has created these dots.

Object-on-the-Moon Because this is a NASA photograph (discovered via Google Moon), these are the possible explanations:

  • Weird effect created by digital photography (see Wikipedia)
  • Inserted by someone at NASA or Google for their own amusement
  • A relic from a known human mission (list at Wikipedia)
  • Part of a secret human mission
  • Aliens are real

See it yourself, coordinates 22°42’38.46″N 142°34’44.52″E First publicised at

One commenter says:

This sharper bit of imagery is only visible if you have the “Featured Satellite Images” layer checked. If you scan around and zoom in on many high contrast transitional areas like crater rims, you will see many anomalies. They show as light pixels against the dark shadows of the craters. Like the other light pixels this “object” is an anomaly caused by the imagery process and wishful thinking.

Add it to this NASA image of a building on asteroid 433 Eros (that NASA chose to visit), and you start wondering…


As weird as the moon object is, this iguana found in a NASA Mars photo is harder to understand: