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Ancient Bosnian Pyramids Could Be the Key to Everything
Giant structure is more than four times taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza.
LUCUS 01/25/11 2:28AM CST

The great pyramid of Giza at just over 480 Feet tall was long thought to be the world's tallest structure for 3,800 years but it has nothing on this pyramid recently discovered in Bosnia.

Buried just a few feet under the dirt, which was thought all these years to be a 2,300 foot mountain, is a giant pyramid.

Proof of a Flood of Epic Proportions?

After watching the video you can clearly understand that they indeed did find something under the dirt and trees. The tunnels, paved roads, and stone work are all signs of a previous advanced society.

How did the 2,300 Foot pyramid end up under several feet of dirt and trees?

In some reports you may hear that the people actually buried the pyramid to protect it, but, that makes no sense.

A much more logical explanation is that at some point in time big waves washed into the valley and when the water finally receded it left behind a layer of mud and soil in which grass and trees sprout forth giving us the mountain we see today.

It's been there under our noses the whole time.


When you watch the video on the right you can clearly see in the helicopter flyby that this is an ancient pyramid just waiting for us to excavate it and add a new chapter in history.

Who built these pyramids and when? If that question could be answered it may offer insight and be the binding connection that links the pyramids in Egypt to those in South America and in Asia.

In this valley of pyramids they have discovered both "stepped" pyramids like those found in South America similar to the Mayan pyramids and "smooth" pyramids which are like those found in Egypt.

Here we have the possible key to the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

Not only does this tie the ancient pyramid styles together, wait until you find out how this pyramid was built.



  Made of Concrete

The video on the left briefly mentions that the pyramids of Bosnia were built using a stronger concrete mix than what we use today. There is another video floating around the internet that I am having trouble finding that goes into a little more depth about the concrete and also discusses the finding of both "stepped" and "smooth" pyramids found in Bosnia.

It is believed that human writing began in Sumeria (once Babylon and now modern day Iraq) around 6,000 years ago.

The writings found in the Bosnian pyramids predate Sumerian writings by thousands, if not tens of thousands of years.

As I have always contended, human society and civilization goes back much farther than modern archeology wants us to believe. I suggest that the Bosnian pyramids go back to the time of Atlantis and are part of an ancient society who dwell on this earth long before modern man says it's possible.

My recent understanding is that Atlantis was not a "City" or a "Nation" but was a whole "Global Civilization" that was wiped out about 11,500 years ago as the ice caps from the ending ice age were melting causing the ocean levels to raise by 500 feet.

The reason why nobody has found this ancient city of Atlantis is because it does not exist in the terms we think of. Yes, there may have actually been a city named Atlantis, but, that city was most likely part of a global civilization with many modern cities that have long since been lost and forgotten. Many of these ancient cities are under 100s of feet of water and as we see with the Bosnian pyramid under many feet of soil.

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