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London Residents To Get Anti Aircraft Missles On Their Rooftops To Defend The Olympic Games...

For the 2012 summer games in London this summer, residents near the Olympic Village may soon be getting a big surprise... months of community militarization and high powered SAM's (surface to air missles) installed on residential rooftops.

In an effort to combat 'possible' low flying attacks during the summer games, the British Ministry of defense is informing residents to prepare for the likelyhood of high tech roof top rocket propulsion systems...

Over the weekend the Ministry of Defense notified residents of a few different neighborhoods around Londonís Olympic Park that they could become home to batteries of high-velocity surface-to-air missiles.

In other words, Londoners are getting rockets on their rooftops. Londonís security operation for the Games (running from July 27 to August 12) is pretty spectacular, and the military will be playing a central role alongside police and more conventional security officers.

Britainís MoD has already confirmed that up to 13,500 troops, two warships, Typhoon fighter jets, military explosives ordnance disposal teams, and combat helicopters will all be deployed around the country for the duration of the Olympics. But the militarization of their rooftops came as a surprise to residents, who were informed via the post that roughly 10 troops and a variety of hardware could be installed atop their buildings for up to two months this summer.
Incredible story if you ask me... forced militarization of London neighborhoods and arming home owners with ballistic missles? They are even planning on doing some test runs with dummy missles to see how effective the whole setup will be at targeting low flying objects...

Is this a glimpse of the future?


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