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911 In Wonderland
Subconscious Psychics or Beforehand Knowledge?

There is no doubt that in many movies and TV shows that the number 911 seemed to show up on many various clocks, digital screens, and other symbols. It also seemed to have abruptly stopped right after September 11th, 2001.

Was this the subconscious of various directors pulling those numbers from areas of the brain that we don't understand yet, or, is it some form of "Hidden in plain sight" communication between those "In-The-Know".

There are also many other instances I have noticed that are not in this video series although the video itself is pretty extensive. I actually just noticed an instance in Predator 2 about an hour ago that is not in this series.

Some of the instances seem to be defying extraordinary odds.

In the Movie "Hackers" in a scene they look at a computer monitor and on the screen it has the number 911 and 3 of the 911 flight numbers and even the fourth flight 175 which is backwards as 571. What are the odds of a movie showing 2 towers with the words "Crash and Burn" on them and also showing a 911 and all 4 flight numbers on the same screen?

How about the fact that Neo's passport in "The Matrix" expires on September 11th, 2001. What are the odds of that? When Neo walks in to meet the Oracle notice the fridge magnets say 911. When Neo dies and Trinity brings him back to life she looks at the computer screen and it says "Probe 911" and it has 93, 11, and 571 again which is flight 175 backwards.

When Goldblum opens his laptop in "Independence Day" the time left until the aliens attack is 09:11:01. What are the astronomical odds of that?

In the movie "Godzilla" the computer screen shows 911, 11, 175, 93, the word "Target" and 2 towers all at the same time on the same screen. Also in the movie a guy looks at his watch and the hands are on the 9 and 11. Furthermore, right at the same exact moment the reporter says the words "What some city officials are calling the worst act of destruction since the World Trade Center bombing" the time clock on the screen reads 17:39:11 How about those odds?

Maybe some of these directors and producers need to start playing the lottery.

The creator of The X-Files even admits in this series that they hide and implant secret information into video and a big-wig at Fox admits the whole system is "Set up to screw with you".

For those who cry coincidence, I ask you to find me another number sequence that appears as many times as 911. If you can I will retract this story.

There are so many instances it's actually quite amazing. See for yourself.

Watch the 2 part series below and you make the call yourself. Coincidence, Subconscious, or Conspiracy?



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