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Did the Ancients Warn Us the Spiral Would Kill Birds and Fish?
01/05/11 11:31Pm CST

The top of the 2 petroglyphs below clearly show a dead fish, falling bird, and a wave of water coming up to the mountain. It also seems to show a deer and a person running for the hills.

The petroglyph below that shows the spiral with a dead lizard. It also has a humanoid figure that has 6 horns and a tail.

What to make of it all? Your guess is as good as mine. Will lizards be next?

As described in the article "An Epic Mass Animal Kill is Unfolding Right Now" there seems to be a mass die off of both birds and fish. I find it very coincidental that these ancient cave drawings show a spiral along with dead fish and falling birds and the events that have unfolded over that past year.


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