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Asteroid Strikes Colombia - American Media Buries It!
Lucus & Floyd Anderson 09/06/2010 4:45PM

Such a colossal event, so little media coverage.

Around 3:10PM Sunday afternoon residents of Colombia were awestruck when the clear sky was cracked open by a massive fireball that exploded upon impact leaving a 300 foot wide crater and a lot of rattled nerves.

This is not the first time this year that an impact event has been underreported.

Colombia: 'Giant fireball' was a meteorite
Monday, 06 September 2010 07:56 Kirsten Begg

Colombian authorities confirmed that a "giant fireball" that fell from the sky in the Santander department, central Colombia, was a meteorite.

The Colombian media has been buzzing with eye witness accounts of the fireball, which caused a massive explosion at 3:15PM local time Sunday. reported that Bucaramanga Mayor Fernando Vargas confirmed that the phenomenon was a meteorite that left a crater 100 meters in diameter when it crashed into the earth in the San Joaquin municipality in Santander.


As I started writing this article the top story on CNN was "Dragon Con takes America by storm", on MSNBC the top story was "Obama assails GOP at Labor Day rally", and on FOX it was "Obama takes aim at economic woes - and GOP foes". I looked on each of their websites and not a peep about the impact event in Colombia.

When an object strikes the planet and leaves a huge crater, is it not worthy of western news coverage? Is this event not one of the BIGGER stories in recent times?

Did you know that an asteroid hit Mexico back in February and received no mainstream American media coverage? Here's a little snippet for you.

Reports are a bit sketchy right now, but apparently a bright flaming object was seen coming down about 100 miles northeast of Mexico City on Wednesday around 18:30 local time. There was a roar that was loud enough to shake buildings. Another news article is reporting a crater 30 meters in diameter was found.



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