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Videos Used for the Promotion of 2012 Speak the Truth

If you have seen the movie 2012, it's probably hard to forget Charlie's pole shift animation that he proudly shows Jackson, played by John Cusack. The video comes complete with a hippy Sun smoking a doobie, and profane little neutrinos with an attitude. Charlie Frost, played by Woody Harrelson, is 2012's proclaimed apocalypse prognosticator and straight shooter.


For the promotion of the movie there were several videos created that speak a lot of truth for those with the ears to hear. Put aside the jokes, movie props, and sarcasm and much of what is being said in these videos is what people have been saying for years. Charlie himself has almost 20 videos and if you go to Charlie's website created for the movie there are over 60 videos total.

For the movie they created several websites, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Charlie's website also has information and voice recordings along with movie props. 90% of the information associated with Charlie Frost is not actually in the final production of the movie.

I find it particularly interesting that in the Pole Reversal video he talks about the magnetic field failing and how it protects Earth which would be exactly the need and reason to spray the skies with barium and aluminum. What the aluminum does not reflect, the barium absorbs. Look into the term "Global Dimming" to learn that when the planes were grounded after 9/11, the skies cleared up, the sun came out, and the average temperature shot up drastically.

The truth is out there, you just have to be willing to search a little.


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