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Nobody Believes that the Birds/Fish Are Dying Because of Fireworks.
LUCUS 01/07/2011 3:54PM CST

So, here we are one week into a massive fish and bird kill that keeps expanding by the hour and the kind folks that publish the news want us to believe that it's fireworks and a bunch of coincidences.

Yes the public is pretty naive as a whole, but, they are not "That" gullible.

You don't have to be a "Conspiracy Theorist" to see that 2+2=5 when it comes to the fireworks "Theory". The general public is not buying it and average everyday people are raising their BS FLAGS and searching for the answers in other places.

I think that the powers that govern things have become so unattached to the pulse of the public that they don't even understand when enough is enough with trying to delude the public.

I fully understand the need to keep the Planet X/2012 thing off of the mainstream...We don't need a mass mob causing chaos before we even get to the main event, but, if they push the disinfo too far they will end up having the opposite effect of what they are trying to achieve. If the media keeps coming up with these lame excuses for what is happening the majority of the masses will turn a blind eye and start looking for their information elsewhere. I mean, if you're going to lie, at least be creative and sound plausible. Don't treat the public like Kindergarten kids when it's running at a 3rd grade mentality.

The information is filtering nicely to the people who seek and deserve it. Let's face it, the information is there, it's not being "denied access" to you. You just have to have the want, the desire, the inquisitive nature to do a little digging under the crust of lies that covers it.

Those people who care more about material things and consume themselves in meaningless activities like spending all their time watching TV and playing video games will be the last to find out. These people are the most dangerous because they are self centered, think society owes them something, and will be the least prepared when it all goes down. These will be the people trying to take your food when they get desperate.

In the video below, NBC News uses Scientist Michio Kaku to try and spin the bird deaths as "Fireworks". How stupid do they really think we are? Pretty stupid I guess.



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