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Popular Conspiracy Forum Vanishes Leaving Its Members Scrambling
LUCUS 2/5/11 11:25PM CST

The popular conspiracy forum Godlikeproductions has vanished leaving only some cryptic messages for anyone visiting the gutted forum.

The site boasted a huge following with several million page views per day. If this was not the biggest conspiracy forum on the internet, it was very close.

There have been two messages posted on the empty conspiracy domain, the first of which has now been deleted and replaced.

The first message read;

"at what point does the personal sacrifice become too great?

when you put the life of my friends and family at risk.

I will not allow this website to cause my friends and family to live in fear

you won

hope you are happy

the last light of the world has been extinguished "

Later, that message was replaced with a new message with a link to an MP3 file titled Goodbye.mp3. The new message reads;

The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there; lift a stone and you will find me.

For the book has been closed, The names have been written, Judgement cometh.

And it was known to them in those days that there would come upon them the judgement of the children of God, who had lived among them as men and learned of their ways and tested their hearts.

A Final Message For You
(This is the link to Goodbye.mp3)

I do not want to include the actual link to the Mp3 file just in case there is anything nefarious about that file. If you want to listen to it you can go to the Godlikeproductions website and download it yourself.

I don't know what to make of this. This can be anything from a scared owner to a hacker to a hoax. The site has been down most of the day.

If GLP stays down for good that would indicate a scared owner who has had enough.

If GLP comes back after a time it will put in question if the motives were hoax or hacker related. You can hardly tell these days if someone does something for personal gain or genuine concern.

Is the owner dubbed "Trinity" truly concerned for their safety? Is this an attempt by a hacker to cause the website to lose revenue right at the moment it seems to be at its greatest traffic and peak? Is this some sort of attention seeking hoax designed to be a role playing adventure?

I have no idea.

The site's disclaimer reads "Believe nothing you read on this website"

---UPDATED 02/06/11 9:37PM CST---

The GLP Forum is now back up!

The forum, which was down for the most part of two days, is now back up with an explanation from the owner. In a thread titled "Sorry the Site Was Down... It Was An Emergency!" apparently posted by Trinity gives a reason why the popular forum vanished.

The explanation starts out as follows;


I have been having a serious problem with internet stalkers for the last 4 weeks..

They have posted all my personal information on the internet with the intent to harm me, my friends, and my family..

They have been calling up and harassing my family and business partners..

They have committed libel, defamation of character, cyber stalking, criminal harassment, hacking, ddos attacks, and other offenses...


I guess we shall have to see how this plays out over the course of the next couple weeks.



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