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RSS Feeds for the Rabbit Hole Done!

After the recent hack attack on the old forum and the number of attempts to infiltrate my home computer network, I just turned everything off for a couple of days and read up on RSS feeds and how to implement them for the site.

I was alerted to an intrusion on my firewall a few days ago and logged in to catch someone on a blackberry and a laptop trying to set up fixed DHCP IP addresses on my network.

I instantly killed the connection, but not before they got a couple nifty little viruses into one of my computers. I keep all my "important" information on another computer so nothing important was compromised. Anyway, I shut everything down for a couple of days until I could come up with a more secure system. Nothing is hacker free and just like a window on a house a firewall can be broken.

Needless to say, it was the break I needed to brush up on some things like RSS feeds and how I could get this site RSS friendly.



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