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Computer Models Expect TD 3 to Impact Gulf Oil Spill
7/22/2010 12:15PM

I was just watching CNN's Chad Meyers explain how computer models expect TD 3 to turn into a minimal tropical storm (Named Bonnie) and possibly a hurricane.

If it follows the current computer models it will pass just south of the spill with North winds pushing the spill deep into the shore.

As with any tropical system predictions are always subject to change.

I am also following the storm on the Weather Channel.

If the storm passes to the East of the spill it will actually help the situation by pushing the oil out to sea. Unfortunately, the computer models are predicting the storm to pass West of the spill which would be a worse case situation. The winds on the Eastern side of a hurricane blow North and that could have devastating effects on the Gulf Coast beaches and wildlife.

Chad Meyers of CNN stated he thought the computer models were "Underestimating" the strength of the storm as it would have to pass over very hot water with little wind sheer to stop it. He seemed to think it would be much stronger than a minimal tropical storm as the computer models predict.

We'll follow this storm as it gets closer.


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