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Strange Sounds and the Dogon People
LUCUS 1/17/2012

The Dogon people are a tribe that retains ancient knowledge of the cosmos and reflects that understanding in various rituals. They speak of a Dark Star, invisible to the human eye, that decides the ebb and flow of life on Earth.

The Dogon people consider the humming sound of the Bullroar to be the VOICE OF THE DARK STAR. The hum of the Bullroar sounds eerily similar to the recent strange sounds that have been reported all over the world for the past few weeks.

When you combined the Dogon's voice of the dark star, with the Egyptian Papyrus Ipuwer, and the Kolbrin Bible's description of noises, and the Christian Bible's trumpets, past and future, it starts to form a picture. Remember it was the sound of great trumpets that supposedly knocked down the walls of Jericho.

Papyrus Ipuwer

"Forsooth, the land turns round as does a potter’s wheel.
The towns are destroyed. Upper Egypt has become dry.
All is ruin!
The residence is overturned in a minute.
Years of noise. There is no end to noise."

Kolbrin Bible

Manuscripts 3:6
The people will scatter in madness. They will hear the trumpet and battle-cry of the DESTROYER and will seek refuge within dens in the Earth.

Creation 4:6
THE STAR grew and waxed to a great brightness and was awesome to behold. It put forth horns, and sang, being unlike any other ever seen.



Here is a short documentary about the Dogon people and their worship of the dark star. Pay special attention to 2:20 into the video where they talk about the voice of the dark star. The sound of the Bullroar sounds a lot like the current strange sounds being reported these days.

How could the Dogon people know about an invisible star that's light years away? Maybe they are not talking about a star in another solar system but one right here in a binary orbit with our Sun. Another point to note would be how would a star light years away have any influence on life on Earth? I think they mean something much more local.


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