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Strange Sounds Leave People Scratching Their Heads
LUCUS 01/17/12 Updated 1/29/2012

Over the course of the past few months residents from around the world have reported and videoed strange trumpet like sounds which seem to be coming from the sky. What is concerning is the huge increase this past week.

Others have recorded large booming noises that sound eerily similar to each other. Below are several videos of both types of noises.

The strange sounds have been confirmed to be real by a city Mayor.


Strange Sounds Confirmed to be Real by City Mayor

Dramatic Increase in Google Searches for the Term "Strange Sounds"

I decided to do a Google Trends search to see if these strange sounds would be reflected in Google searches. Google Trends gauges what people on the internet are typing into the Google search engine. I searched the term "Strange Sounds" and was shocked to see a HUGE increase over the past 5 days in internet searches for that term.

Here is the link to the Google Trends report.

Here is a screen shot of the trend I took just in case it "Magically" changes.


Is the Mass Upload of Fake "Strange Sounds" Videos a Plan to Muddy the Water?

I watched with amazement as fake after fake after fake video was uploaded to Youtube. One day last week I was counting about 4 fake videos being uploaded per hour. Who knows how many fake videos there are now. If I would throw out a number I would say that the fake videos outnumber the real ones about 10-1, maybe more. I personally have seen dozens and dozens of fakes with the same audio track embedded into the video file with a very distinct screeching sound.

Either we just witnesses the world's biggest mass coordinated hoax that just happened to be timed perfectly with some real sounds that were heard and recorded, or there is an effort to distort the truth.

Did someone have a plan ahead of time to try and bamboozle the public with a bunch of fakes to muddy the water? It's an age old tactic to try and cover up something big. Look it up under the terms "Muddy the Water" or "Poison the Well".

Wikipedia has a great opening description of it;

Poisoning the well is a rhetorical device where adverse information about a target is preemptively presented to an audience, with the intention of discrediting or ridiculing everything that the target person is about to say.

Story on Reddit About the Strange Sounds Goes Viral

Many people are apparently hearing these strange noises as reflected here in this recent story on the popular site Reddit that has gained some internet steam in recent days.


Youtube Videos From various Places in the World

Youtube user dutchsinse has put out a very good compilation video of many of the sounds. Some are lower in volume but some are much louder.

Strange BOOMING Sound Heard in Both Costa Rica and Colorado

Here is a video taken a few days ago from Coast Rica which is very similar in nature to a video taken in Colorado a few months ago right when those big earthquakes happened there.

Here is the video of the loud booming sound heard in Colorado a few months ago.



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