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UFO Over Jerusalem Temple Mount. Is This the Smoking Gun Footage?
LUCUS 02/02/11 5:41AM CST

Most people who know me know that I don't delve much into the whole UFO phenomenon little more than idle jib-jab at the water cooler. I'll tell you though, this UFO that was filmed by multiple people from various areas hovering over the Temple Mount really has me going wowzers.

It started out with one amazing video which made me think "Hey, that's pretty interesting".

Then, another video surfaced and I was like "OK...This is getting very convincing"

Then alas!... A third jaw dropping video was released and now I'm going to pretty much have to say I'm convinced. Now I know what the ancients called angels.

If, and that is always a BIG IF when dealing with the nature of these things, but, if this is not some sort of elaborate hoax pulled off by a group of people, we have a smoking gun that we are not the only intelligent "beings" here on this planet.

I'll let you decided for yourself without any further conjecture on my part.


The videos get better as you go so make sure to watch them all. The third video is the best and the last video is a compilation of all three video synchronized together.






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