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Is the Movie Idiocracy Turning Out to be True?
09/21/2010 01:13PM

I want you to think about the sign above. It's quite real and quite the sign of our times.

An obvious typo, indeed very comical, demonstrates the breakdown of communication between people in the most basic sense.

The first breakdown was between the person who initiated the creation of this billboard and the editor of the billboard company. Did someone not look at the proofs before giving the go-ahead to print the final product?

The second breakdown was with the installers. Do they not speak English? Why did they continue the installation of this print even after they knew what it said? Why did they not call the editor on the cell phone and ask "Are you sure you want us to put this up?"

The fact that it remained up for even 5 minutes after it was determined to be a major mistake is yet another breakdown.

Does nobody care anymore? Is this really what it has come to? Have we really fallen this far that people care so little about quality and only care about the bottom line ($$$) that they would let such an obvious mistake slide through?

You can't help but see the irony in the fact that this is an ad for a public school system.

In the movie Idiocracy, the most popular show on the TV (which by the way was the dominant force in everyone's lives), was called "Ow My Balls!" in which the plot was nothing more than a man getting hit in the groin multiple times from various methods.

Is this really how it's going to be?

For anyone who has not seen Idiocracy, you must. It's mandatory material for anyone seeking truth.

If you really want to gauge how bad it has gotten all you need do is look at a newspaper from the year 1900 and you can clearly see the attention to detail, the eloquence of their writing styles, and the vocabulary they used was much greater than in our time.


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